Monday, January 28, 2013

The one with the full moon

There was a beautiful full moon last night. Some people believe that these are the nights that doing black magic is most effective. I don't know if someone was working their black magic on me or the idea that there could be werewolves running outside my house, but I had big trouble getting to sleep. So I climbed out of my warm bed, moved over to the couch and watched some episodes of CSI NY. I also made a new (moon-inspired) playlist on my iPod and I took some photographs of the moon. With just 3 hours of sleep, I'm sure I will sleep like a baby this night.

My newest playlist:
The tide pulls from the moon - William Fitzsimmons
Moon - Sia
Man on the moon - Kid Cudi
My moon my man - Feist
Talking to the moon - Bruno Mars
In the moonlight - Tracy Bonham
Half moon - Iron & Wine
Full moon - the Black Ghosts
Black moon - Deftones
Moon and moon - Bat for Lashes
Edge of the moon - Xavier Rudd

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