Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The one with the things for the home

With spring just a couple of weeks away (the countdown for warmer weather started months ago), I am ready for something fresh and new. These items keep calling my name and some of them might end up in my home. I love greys, wood, gold and just a little bit of quirky. I bet DMX never expected to be turned into embroidery hoop art!

Paper mache bowl
Pencil cup
New York wooden sign
Gin and tonic
Vintage wire basket
New York photography
Chevron pillow cover
DMX hoop art
Coco pillow


  1. love those choices, especially the bowl.

  2. great picks! I love the pencil cup and the Coco pillow is great fun!

  3. I'm totally smitten with the paper mache bowl:) Have a great day, lovely.


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