Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The one in Den Bosch

A couple of weeks ago mum and me went to Den Bosch, there is another post about this city, which you can find here. This time we visited the Stedelijk museum and the Noord Brabants museum.

One of the temporary exhibitions was about the eighties. On display was the dress worn by our former Queen Beatrix when she was crowned in 1980. I am digging the Queen Beatrix wallpaper adorning the walls!

 Happy as a bird with a French fry when I spotted some vintage cars

The other exhibition showed work from Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota. This installation was made from about 2,000 balls of wool, held together by approximately 10,000 staples. If you're interested, and would like to know more, you may want to check out this short video.

Staircase inside the Stedelijk Museum

Seen on our way back to the train station


Some pretty doors were spotted along the way too, but I'll show those in a separate post. I think they deserve a post of their own :-) Have you visited any museums lately?


  1. No museums lately...sigh...
    Thanks for sharing these pics, Marieken:) I would love to see that 80's exhibit, and the installation by Shiota looks awesome!

  2. This museums has such a cool variety! I would love the 80s exhibit. The wool and staple piece is stunning. The staircase is awesome too!

  3. Oh what a cool museum. I will go there next time. I usually go shopping in DenBosch when I am home. Great city.
    Here we often walk into the Canterbury museum which is free and often has exhibitions

  4. What incredible museums! The vintage cars are great and that Japanese work of art simply amazing! I wanted to go to the one in Kleve after you wrote about it, but I'm not feeling well enough. Maybe next year :)

  5. That vintage car is something special:) Kisses, darling


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