Monday, October 8, 2018

The one with the things I liked in september

 A bright pink croc lives next to the university

Treated myself to a button machine, still figuring out how it works

This green guy

Have you ever tried riding a bike like this? I did and it's very hard!

From where I stand 

 Signs of autumn

Kanye West, spotted in Nijmegen 

And this sunset


  1. Beautiful collection! The pink croc is super fun. A button machine will be a neat tool to work with. :) Mushrooms are so cool how they can pop up in strange places.

  2. Cute croc.. looking forward o see the fun you have with that button maker!

  3. That's such a beautiful sunset shot, Marieken:) And I so want that pink croc and button machine!:D

    1. Just dropping by to say hi!:) And trying to find a cheaper alternative to that jacket I have in my blog...lolz

  4. Such cool and unique finds! Love the mushroom pic and looking forward to seeing your new buttons :)

  5. En heb je al iets moois gemaakt met je knopen machine?? Liefde voor de zonsondergangen in Nijmegen! Wat blijft dat toch mooi


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