Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The one were I didn't get to go to Amsterdam

The two vikings in the first picture watch out over the trainstation in Arnhem, where I met up with my girls for a high tea. After many cups of tea and lots (and lots) of yummy treats, the plan was to travel to Amsterdam by train. The Dutch Railways were having some hiccups, so that was a mission impossible. I got stranded at trainstation Ede-Wageningen, where I came across a cool dude with his lollipop. After one and a half hour of  patiently waiting, I gave up any hope that a train was going to get me to Amsterdam any time soon, and decided the best plan might be to go back home again.


  1. Sorry to hear about the train delays. But glad you got to have tea with your friends :)

  2. Sorry you couldn't make it to Amsterdam, but glad you got to spend tea-time with your friends!

  3. fun photos!
    You got some good girl time in even though the trains were frustrating.

  4. Sorry you didn't get to go to Amsterdam, but it looks like you saw some cool street art anyway. :)

  5. Bummer about Amsterdam but tea time is always a plus! I love the artwork on buildings. It's my new favorite thing to photograph.

  6. we love street art! great post!



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