Thursday, August 22, 2013

The one where we visit Den Bosch

The weekend before last, I visited Den Bosch with my mother. I moved to this city when I was 18 and lived there for 1,5 year. It still feels a little bit like home. It's only half an hour away by train, but it's very different from where I live now. We had a little walk, a big lunch, visited the cathedral and spent some time at the renewed museum. My mom also blogged about it over here.

There are canals througout the city, if you like boats (which I don't 
because of an incident years ago) you can have a guided boat tour

A moustached house

Our big lunch

Saint John's cathedral

A gorgeous ceiling in the cathedral

Mother, in the museum

Super fun Schiaparelli sunnies

My favourite item of the jewelry collection, a big brooch

A necklace, not sure how this one works

The museumshop was one of the best I've seen, lots of books and 
other things (like these bears) that I wanted to take with me


  1. Amazing photos, that ceiling is so unusual, i love it and the museum looks amazing!

  2. Love the mustached house :) And lunch looks so good!

    I love the pin you sent your mom too btw :)

  3. I love that shot of your mom in the museum :)
    Those sunglasses are fun!
    Btw, I get sea sick too!

  4. I do believe that is the most unusual necklace I have ever seen! :)
    The ceiling of that cathedral is beautiful!

  5. Yeah, I'm not sure how that necklace would work either. Maybe those wood things go on either side of your neck and just... stay there? Haha. :-)

  6. That museum looks fantastic! And I love the canal pic. I'm not a big fan of boats either. I mean, I think they look really pretty, I just don't want to go out in open water. I might be ok in a canal. :)
    Also, how great would it be to have that cathedral ceiling in your bedroom and wake up every morning to that view!

  7. My favorite is the blue glasses....definitely the fashion statement! Big fan of brooch as well!
    xx, Lana

  8. The museum looks really cool! Love the sunglasses and those teddy bears in the shop.
    The first photo of the canal is lovely!

  9. What a gorgeous city! The Netherlands are so beautiful.


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