Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The one with the heartshaped Christmas ornament DIY

Rudolph's on his way, the ornaments moved up from the basement, I have started to search for recipes to cook up during the holidays, and the first Christmas songs have been listened to. Time to get crafty and make something Christmassy! Besides the traditional Christmas colours, I like to add some gold to the mix. These are quite easy to whip up, and if you're the craft supply hoarder I am, you might already have some of the supplies beads and charms laying around the house.

What you'll need
  • thick wire
  • thin wire
  • small beads (but big enough so they can be beaded to the thick wire)
  • charms
  • a bit of glue

Fold the thick wire in the middle

Fold the edges together to make a heart shape

Start beading away

Tie the edges together with the thin wire and secure with a drop of glue

Wrap the thin wire around the heart, adding the charms and more beads

How far are you with decorating? Any homemade decorations?


  1. That is so cute! I have some seed beads but I haven't done anything with them yet. That would be great to do with kids!

  2. These are nice. I'm not really good with wires coz I always hurt myself, but this looks easy enough:D

  3. So pretty:) Happy December, lovely. xo

  4. That's cute!! Plus I have all the supplies on hand to do this straight away :)

  5. Cute idea! I definitely have the supplies around to make one like this.

  6. Love it! Thanks for sharing. I might make some for Valentine's Day. They would be pretty hanging from anywhere.

  7. How nice. This is such a pretty idea.

  8. This year I'm back to traditional red and green decor, but apart from my handmade wreath I haven't done much in the way of decorating yet. I wish to be more in the spirit of White Christmas! Love you DIY post here... give me a lot of inspiration! Happy weekend!!!

  9. Great idea! As soon as 'Sinterklaas' has left the building I'll start with some christmas music, then the decoration will follow soon!

  10. Super cute, Marieken! It's delicate and festive...perfect for the season. Would be cute hung on a door handle too.

    I've just hung the advent calendar I made years ago:

    Back when I had entire weekends to do nothing but sew, sew, sew, I made quite a few of these and gave them to friends as presents. I still love it!

  11. I absolutely love it Great idea. At work we 3D printed a little Christmas tree for a friend and we hang little beads in it . It was fun

  12. Lovely!!! That would even pass as a nice accessory. I would love to see it as a necklace


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