Thursday, December 18, 2014

The one with all the icecream cones

During summer I came across lots of these king size icecreamcones. I started to photograph them, and forgot all about them, until last weekend, when I started an attempt at organising the photos on my laptop. We've had some cold days by now (but no snow so far), and with predictions for today that are quite warm (15°C, and according to the converter 59°F) for this time of year, I might snatch up an celebratory icecream (or two) after work. I hope these shots will put a smile upon your face.

With a side of fries 



  1. Too cute, Marieken. Frankly, if they're here where I live, they would've all been stolen:P

  2. These are fun :) I love the pink cone!
    Our temps are still single digit, and it is raining non-stop! Ugh.

  3. Yum. A big giant ice-cream, count me in.
    If only it were real :)

  4. I love all these ice creams! And wow, that is warm! I'd love to have one or two of these in my kitchen, although my kitchen is so tiny that they'd take up the entire space. :)

  5. This is so sweeeeet! Definatelly put a smile on my face:) Pink is my favorite... even I can't eat ice creams( lactose intolerant) ... I can appreciate an aesthetics ... lol

  6. These are so fun! When I was a teenager, I loved going out for fries followed with ice cream. That makes for happy taste buds!

    1. Treated myself to fries just yesterday. Very happy taste buds indeed!

  7. Sweet and how cute! I would surely take photos myself behind those ice creams. You really have an eye for photography. Great job Marieken!

  8. hahaha, that's awesome :-D

    This is super fun! I love all the gigantic ice cream cones!

    My mother in law used to say ice cream is dessert and that it's never a bad time for dessert, no matter the season or weather :-)
    Happy Holidays Marieken!


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