Sunday, March 22, 2015

The one with all the paintswatches

After four years of living in my apartment, a change of colours may be in order. The walls that are in need of a change are in the living room, and in the kitchen. Besides the curtains (picture number two), there isn't a lot of colour going on in my living room, so basically, any colour goes along with it. My kitchen is mostly white, so anything goes here as well. The swatch at the top right, is a metallic gold. I've never used metallics before, and I am curious about how a whole wall would look, my concern is that it might be too shiny. Painting is not something I'm particular fond of, so I do want to pick the right colour right away. The gold may be a big miss, but on the other hand, what if it's a big winner? Sometimes you need to talk some risks in life, but I don't know if those risks should involve paint! I am horrible at making decisions, so I'm in need of a bit of help. Do you have one or two favourites? Do you have any colourful walls around the house, or are you more of a neutrals fan?

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