Sunday, June 7, 2015

The one with the things I liked this week (120)

Receiving mail from Diane, which came with this super-duper pineapple stamp!

Windowshopping and seeing these vases

Running into this guy on my way to work
definitely made having to get up early on a saturday morning more fun!

 Being a member of team dessert at this months cooking club
(strawberries marinated in lemon juice and sugar, yoghurt with
whipped cream and a basil dressing)

My favourite course was the one with seabass, asparagus and beurre blanc

Going on a city walk with the business club I'm a member of, and discovering this door


  1. Ik ben helemaal verliefd op de postzegel! En wat ziet het eten er lekker uit!

  2. Wonderful stamp, dessert and door! Happy Sunday to you :)

  3. Hi Marieken! I love the efficiency of your postal system. Don't worry there will be more to come. Sometimes I feel guilty because I ended up sending you something from the metered mail. Sorry about that. I was quite surprised that you love the stamp. Then I remember, I saw a pineapple postcard in your etsy account. :)

    Joining the business club is great. I hope I will have my own circle of club to join to. And of course, the beautiful door that always goes in your post.

    Wishing you a great week ahead!

  4. All your favorite things--stamps, whimsey, good food, doors--in one week! Can't beat that!

  5. The strawberry dessert looks amazing! Those cactus vases are so fun.

  6. That pineapple stamp is sooo cute! You are making me want to go out and search for cute stamps and start writing snail mail ;-) Or maybe better, someone could write me snail mail with a cute stamp :-)

    Oh my goodness, the strawberries with lemon and yogurt etc sounds amazing. Such a fresh summer dessert! Love it. Could eat some right now, actually. Got any left?

    1. I think I never have any leftovers when it comes to dessert!

  7. What cute vases! And what a fun car :)

  8. Lovely pineapple stamp! Those vases are really cute, so summery too!


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