Thursday, June 25, 2015

The one with windows, watermelon cookies, and wrist rests

Windows of the world 

 How to make cord coasters

 Fish keyboard wrist rest

I need these pretty cookies in my life

 Trailer for The Secret Life of Pets


  1. Those cookies are really pretty! And the coasters are on my next DIY list for sure:)
    That window collage gallery is awesome!

  2. I need those pretty cookies too:)

  3. I HAVE to watch that movie when it comes out next year :)
    The cookies look perfect! And I absolutely love the window collage!

    1. If the movie is as good as its trailer, it will be super fun! I am always curious what those critters are up to when they're home by themselves.

  4. Window collage is my favorite,...Even I'm not a cookies person, though I do appreciate watermelon colors :)

  5. I love everything here! The coasters look fun to make. Those watermelon cookies would be perfect to bring to a summer party. The pet movie looks adorable.

  6. Als je watermeloen koekjes hebt gevonden, laat je het me dan weten?


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