Saturday, July 11, 2015

The one with the things I liked this week (125)

Enjoying good food in good company, with R, L + J

Sunday walk

Same bridge, from a different point of view.

 Taken from the same place (an old watchtower)

 This sunny sky

Receiving a box full of supplies, like these new, colourful totebags

Those bags have been printed now, and will be taken along to my second market tomorrow! I will be attending the SwanMarket in Tilburg on sunday (from 12.00 - 18.00, Spoorzone).
It's only my second market, so there's still a lot to learn when it comes to making a stall appealing for shoppers, and work easier for myself. Kerry told me to make a little kit, filled with things that might come in handy, like scissors, rope and pens. Last time I did take them, but tossed these items in between the things I wanted to sell. Tomorrow I will take a small bag, with all of those items together. I think this may be a big improvement, not having to go to everything, to get things found! The brilliant idea of making a sign with all the prices listed together, came from Paige. I've made one of those signs in addition to the individual pricetags. 

The people from DaWanda asked me if I wanted to be their 'ambassador' at the market and send over this pretty looking box all the way from Berlin, filled with promotional things like a banner and their summer lookbooks. Everything is packed and I am ready to get some relaxing done for the rest of this evening! Hope you had a great start of the weekend, and wish you a sunny sunday!


  1. What is that dessert? It looks positively yummy. And that garden is very cool. I sell at our local market and I love it. It's a lot more fun than selling on-line. Except when our temperatures top 100 degrees.

    1. It's cheesecake, with a strawberry topping. Not bad! ;-)

  2. So cool you're doing your second one already, Marieken:) Have fun.

  3. The emblem made of flowers is awesome!
    How cool to be the Dawanda ambassador :) The best of luck and many happy sales at the market!!

  4. I predict you'll enjoy the second sale much more than the first--so much less to worry about! Dawanda seems to reworking out very well for you--that's great!

  5. The floral symbol is gorgeous! I hope you had a successful day at the market! Those tote bag colors are so pretty.

  6. I hope the show went well! I'm glad you liked my idea of making a price list; it just makes things much simpler. :-)

    The picture of the sky and umbrella is great! We could use some more sun over here.

  7. Lovely photos, I love the umbrella shot:)
    Congrats on being the 'ambassador', great that you had a great time at the sale!
    those colorful bags are pretty,... wonder.... what you printed on them:)

  8. I love the bag hues and your exploration photos remind me to get out during the week more. I need more workday walk breaks :)

  9. I hope you did great at the market! That sunny sky picture makes me happy.

  10. That cake looks so good and sunny walks are the best, aren't they? Kisses, sweetie.

  11. My greetings maybe late but I'm wishing you more market involvement and exposure. You deserve it Marieken! You works need to be showcased and experience by other people.

    I also love bridges aside from pathways and postcards!

  12. That is really exciting you are an ambassador for Dawanda. Also, that cake!!! That looks really delicious.


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