Thursday, September 3, 2015

The one with a workspace

Today I wanted to share where I get some of my work done. Although I must admit that some of the internet en designing stuff happens in the livingroom too (I have the most comfortable of couches)! My workroom is usually not as tidy as it is now, since the room also function as storage, laundry and guestroom. 

When I moved in, I very much disliked the wallpaper that the previous owners picked out (and don't get me started on the orange and brown-seventies patterned wallpaper in the bathroom). It definitely wasn't something I would have chosen, but I actually kind of like it right now (this light floral pattern, not so much the seventies print). Maybe the fact that I am cursed with two left hands has something to do with not changing it for wallpaper that's more to my taste.
It may not be as eastatically pleasing as some of the workspaces that float around on Pinterest, and there are some things that needs changes (like the so-and-so curtains, that just happen to not be in this picture and I need a bit more light for those dark wintery days that are on their way), but it's a place where I love being, and where I manage to get inspiration. I sometimes wonder if those superduper looking workspaces you see on the interwebs and in magazines are actually places where real people get real work done. Most of the time they look a bit too polished and perfect to me. 

Do you work from home? What does your workspace look like, if you have ever blogged about it, please feel free to share in the links below, I love to have a look at where it is that you spend some of your days!


  1. I love your workspace and actually, I think the wallpaper is really pretty. Kisses, love.

  2. Great use of the wall space! The wall paper print looks sweet. Luckily it is a neutral palette so it's not overwhelming.

    I have not posted my current work space since I am using a dining room and it is a total mess! However I had blogged about the work space in my old house which was an entire bedroom dedicated to my business here:
    I do miss that room! Once Jim and I move into our own place, I have a beautiful space again.

  3. Oh my gosh! Your workspace looks wonderful, Marieken! I think it's just right. I should post a pic of mine. It's so messy, but that's how my mind works:D I do think those pics we see of super neat ones were tidied up like that just for the pictorial.

  4. Lovely, Marieken! I love to see where people get their "actual work" done. I agree with you: polished spaces feel staged and unreal to me. I work all over the place...often my comfy couch, next to my husband, drinking chamomile tea! One of my favorite spaces is a bit of a drive away, at the studios in New Westminster by the river, where I often teach:

  5. I always find a peek into other peoples work spaces to enlightening - yours is so sweet and pretty and tidy.
    Mine...just chaos.. looking at it, apart from all the art related stuff, I see other random things like secateurs, a chess board, flowers, a fallen over drinking glass, a playdoh shape cutter.....

    Like a window into peoples lives right?!!

  6. I don't believe anything I see on Pinterest, as much as I enjoy looking at it! Your space looks authentic and cozy--and as long as you are productive in it, that's what matters!

  7. Its lovely and neat!
    I am wondering what you have in that cute house like storage!!!
    Anyways Pinterest spaces look unreal sometimes, I have tried changing mine a thousand times to get that perfect look, but I guess finally it turns out as a unique little crafty corner that reflects your personality! I will soon blog about mine too:)

  8. I love your postcard rack! When I renovated my studio space I decided to go for mostly white with added pops of colour. My furniture is a jumble of old and new and with the ironing board out most of the time it doesn't look very stylish, but it works for me :)

  9. This is lovely, and I actually prefer to see real people's *actual* workspaces too...all the mess and imperfect corners. I agree that those overly white and clean studios on pinterest probably never get used, and they really just like organizing their craft supplies by color or something and not actually using them...which is a valid hobby, I guess. I'm not judging them. I'm just saying I've never seen a studio look like that in real life. A messy studio is a working studio. :)

  10. great post!!We could follow each other ???....Let me know,and i follow you too!!!now i follow you on instagram and bloglovin ,i hope you follow me back!!kiss

  11. The first thing I noticed is the rack of postcards! I immediately clicked and zoomed the photo to peek to the postcards. Hehehe I was about to laugh on the orange vibe in the bathroom. In Filipino parlance, I can describe it as "nakakaloka" (literally translated as it drives me crazy) hahaha Your working table is organized. Mine is never mind. I work in the dining table hahaha. And I agree regarding the functionality of some spaces in our home. Every space counts so sometimes the living room can perform even as a bedroom, storage haha

  12. It looks like a very pretty working corner. Should make for lots of creativity :))

    Lu |


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