Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The one with colour

I don't know about you, but by now I've really had enough of grey days. Especially when those grey days are just grey, but rainy too! Temperatures have dropped this week, but things will look sunnier when the weekend comes. Until then, I'll keep procrastinating and looking for pretty colourful things. Here are some of the cute, bright things that caught my eye. 

Blue eye earrings

Leather backpack

woo hoo print

Vintage lavender lamp

Ombre tights


  1. Wow--lots of color and such fun! I tend to like subdued colors but even I am looking for more right now!

  2. After weeks of cold and rain we have a sunny day today. Yay! It's freezing though! Those eye earstuds are cute :)

  3. Loving the colors in here, hope Spring comes in soon! Love the lamp and the bag!!

  4. Yes to all of them! And yeah....I hear so done with winter (although really, we haven't gotten it so bad this year....yet)

  5. those earrings are awesome....I could really freak out people with them. lol
    The sun is shining outside my window, and the temps are moving up, so I'm happy.

  6. There's nothing like vibrant colors to brighten up a dreary day! Those tights are so fun. I hope your weather improves soon. We are looking forward to spring too!

  7. Love that lamp!
    I can deal with the cold, as long as the sun shines!
    We're having great weather this week, but of course winter has to rear it's ugly head again next week. I'll take the sun while I can get it :)

  8. Totally smitten with that backpack...Great colour! Kisses, darling.

  9. Ah, super fun finds, M. I'm actually with you (even though I love the grey months): time for some warmer temps and sunny days!


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