Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The one in Amsterdam

A couple of weeks ago I met my friends Hans and Alyssa in Amsterdam. The three of us know each other from a language course we did in 2008 in Salamanca. Hans is from the Netherlands and Alyssa is from the United States. She was visiting some big European cities last month, and one of them was Amsterdam. It was so much fun to see them again. I see Hans about two times a year, and he likes old fashioned mail just as much as I do, so we often exchange postcards. Hans also adds the most beautiful stamps from all across the world to his mail. 

Before we met, I wanted to visit a store that sells all sorts of pretty paper and other crafty things. Been looking forward to that for some time. So I was pretty disappointed to see it was closed on sundays! I guess it must be about the only shop in Amsterdam that doesn't open its doors every day. Well, I do have a good excuse for another visit ;-)

This picture wasn't taken in a museum, but in the staircase of Zara! I didn't get to shop for things to get my DIY on, but I did treat myself to some of my favourite t-shirts from Zara :-) 

 Some of the famous canal houses


The seagulls are amazingly big in Amsterdam! 

There's a bar in Amsterdam named Sherlocked. Talking about Sherlock, who else can not wait for the new season to arrive? 

So, how are all of you doing? How summer in your corner of the world? Have you been on a holiday, or were any cool day trips taken? I'm curious to hear what you are up to!


  1. Wonderful collection of photos Marieken. I am looking forward to visiting Amsterdam someday. It looks like it is full of charm! The stained glass window is stunning. I have only watched 1 episode of Sherlock and loved it. I adore a witty show that makes you laugh and think.

  2. Such beautiful photos! I hope to visit Amsterdam soon!

  3. What an amazing window! And, yeah, right there with you on eagerly awaiting the new season of Sherlock. =) We spent a month away from home essentially camping out, but now we're back and don't have any more trips planned until late September.

  4. This post just reminded me of how much I love Amsterdam:) I've only been there once, but to this day, it's still one of the best cities I've ever visited in terms of the people and the places.Thanks for sharing these pics, and so awesome you got to meet up with old friends:)
    And yes! Can't wait for the new season of Sherlock!

  5. The stained glass windows there are so beautiful. I found the people to be quite friendly too. I started watching the first season of Sherlock but have a lot of catching up to do! I'm currently watching Gilmore Girls before the new episodes are released at the end of November.

  6. I've actually been to Amsterdam, a long time ago and only for a couple of days--I need to come back! I even bought a pair of those tiny wooden shoes, to hang on my Christmas tree! It looks like you had a wonderful outing.

  7. Sounds like a fun day :) The windows are beautiful!
    I'm soaking up every ounce of summer while I can :)

  8. You know I love all these photos! That's so cool that you've kept in touch with them. I've been really bad about that over the past few years, and I'm trying to get back in touch with old friends. I have a package to send to you too! :)

  9. It is always nice to catch up with old friends!
    The canal houses are lovely, and those bikes....would love to ride one!!

    We have been busy with tons of thins going on during the past month, posted on blog after a long time.


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