Monday, September 15, 2014

The one with the Big Draw

The Big Draw is a festival that originated in England. It's an annual event, that takes place in october. If you're interested, more info can be found over here. For the first time, my hometown Nijmegen hosted a Big Draw last week. The festival will also take place in Australia and the United States. I can highly recommend you to go and see the works of art, if you have the opportunity to go. I had fun walking around town and discovering all of these creations. Beware, this post is picture heavy!


This window is one of the windows of my friend Eefje's shop 'atelier Luna'. I really, really like the design of the drawing that was painted on her window.  

You might have spotted these bunnies before on this blog, there were actually some of them on the blog last friday. Discovering new ones always bring a smile to my face. The second picture is a bunny on one of the windows of the department store opposite of my home. The bunny is about to stuff its face with a 'rookworst', a treat this department store is famous for. 

Not only professional artist were part of the big draw, everybody was invited to join in on the fun. Kids hung drawings in trees with colourful ribbons, and a street had a very, very long piece of paper in it, with crayons and pencils to create piece of art. 


Once about every two weeks I treat myself to French fries, and my go to address had this guy made of fries rowing a Venetian gondola on its window. If you ever get a chance to visit Nijmegen, and want a tasty snack. This place has the best fries in town, and if you feel very hungry, order some mozzarella sticks as well!

Details on some of the shop windows. Up until today I've never heard of a diddley bow, but I've learned it's a single stringed instrument, moslty used in blues music. 

Some random shots


Lots of animals, how about that owl?



Not quite sure if these were part of the big draw, but I think they are awesome, and they fit this post perfectly. 


  1. Love this! How wonderful that your town hosted this cool event and you got to see all that amazing art work in person! The french fry guy is great :) But I like those bunnies too!

  2. Leuk!! Ik heb de tekeningen van zaterdag helaas niet gezien, maar ziet er gaaf uit.

  3. Aaaah! What a cool idea for a festival! My town has a downtown area with a lot of glass storefronts like that, so maybe they can do something similar here. It would be a lot of fun for people like me who run errands on foot. :-)

  4. So so many wonderful things, Marieken:) Love this festival you guys have! Those bunnies never fail to bring a smile to my face:D

  5. they are all pretty cool....where they all done in chalk?

  6. How wonderful! This is all so creative and fun--I love how most of them don't involve color, just the lines.

  7. this is such a great ideas and well done devotion to it! I like the idea on drawing on the windows in the holiday season. We used to paint with my students during the Christmas time various book characters and it was such a fun experiences!

  8. What fun to have the town all decorated up! Love that owl!

  9. Wow, I love things like that and what a brilliant idea for a festival. Love! Have a beautiful day, darling. xo

  10. I love festivals like these! The artwork is so fun to find and enjoy! That is great that children are allowed to get involved since art is so important. I love that you treat yourself to French fries on a regular basis!

  11. This art work looks so fun. I am sure this festival would be great to attend.


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