Sunday, January 25, 2015

The one with the things I liked this week (103)

Some of the things I liked this week.

This pretty ribbon, for just 1 euro, couldn't be left at the store

On sale (and taken home) these fabrics. No idea yet what to do with them.

Dinner with M. She took me these chocolates from her holiday

Seen on a walk

Grey skies

This funky looking building

How was your week?


  1. You do such a good job with your photos--you take things the rest of us might not even notice and elevate them to art!

  2. My week was crazy busy and my weekend seems like it has been super unproductive. I need to find a happy median.

  3. I love the wall art! That building is great :)
    Very pretty ribbon and fabrics!!

  4. I like the ribbon... I think I may have a similar in my "sawing stack of goodies"... I still remember your project with a trim on pants from like two year ago....something like that will be a nice for use! don't you think? My week was a very busy with a new retailers collaboration, custom work and small rewords of a Vegas trip in between!... now I have a week to finish four custom paintings ( and they are large)... so now no time to slacking.... I hope you had a great weekend! and thank you for IG likes and your lovely cards!!!!

  5. Whoa, look at that building! Great finds with the ribbon and fabric, too. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  6. that's an interesting building. Are those the storm drains?
    and how about sharing some of that chocolate!!! lol

  7. love that building..
    the ribbon reminds me of old sari's

  8. Hello greetings.

    Excellent photos of interesting things.

    Best wishes

  9. Great sale finds wit the ribbon and fabric! While I don't like gray skies, you did a great job of making it look beautiful!

    1. I'm trying to find things about winter I like :-) Still prefering summer...

  10. Cool ribbon and love the face graffiti on the building

  11. The patterns of the ribbon are so intricate and beautiful... somehow looks so Asian or oriental for me. The floral blue fabric is love love love! Oh you know me, I'm so obsessed with blue

  12. What a cool building! Have a beautiful day, sunshine. xo


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