Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The one with links to like

A dog shaped Bed & Breakfast

Liking the sound of this one: walnut rosemary brown butter torte, with whiskey cloud cream

A lesson in compassion

Flashmob + Knitting = this video (the lady in the chair is the maker of all these sweaters)

What would happen to earth if all humans disappeared?

Inspiring life quotes from cartoon characters

How to always win at rock paper scissors

Are you a Joan or a Peggy (I'm a Joan!)


  1. I'm a Joan too :) Those sweaters are incredible! How sad that human's legacy is plastic...

  2. I love the cartoon character quotes :)

  3. That torte sounds amazing! Happy Tuesday, love.

  4. I am a Joan too! Loved the colorful sweaters! Cartoon character 'quotes' are a nice collection!
    Loved the touching/beautiful story of the friends:)

  5. How funny is that dog B & B? I love that boy who carries his friend to school. That is amazing. That is an interesting clip on if we disappeared from earth. a strange thing to think about. I'm a Peggy Olsen (which I would have guessed even without the quiz)!

  6. Great links. I love the inspiring quotes from cartoon characters and the link with what would happen if all humans disappeared is fascinating.

  7. I love, love, LOVE the Disney character inspiration!
    I'm more Peggy according to the test, but I think I definitely have some 40% Joan in me too :-)


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