Sunday, May 10, 2015

The one with the things I liked this week (116)

Enjoying a sunny evening by taking an after work walk around town

Visiting a market with E. I got this sassy pink deer necklace

And afterwards, we treated ourselfes to coffee and something sweet

 Enjoying all green and flowery things outside

 Bye bye bangs, hello forehead!

Friday was a bit chilly, so I thought I deserved a hot cocoa :-)

How's your weekend? Hope you're having a good one!


  1. LOL...bye bye bangs:D And how cute is that deer necklace.

  2. That deer necklace is so cute! I would love a slice of that cake :)

  3. Our weekend was so relaxing, and I love coffee dates with friends:) Have a great start to the week, darling.

  4. To judge by your weekly updates, you lead a serene and joyful life, Marieken!

  5. angpao! At least for my few Chinese friends, those are money envelopes :) there's a monetary surprise inside.

  6. Your little pink deer is the cutest! We are seeing a lot of green now too. So refreshing! Hot cocoa sounds good right now. Yesterday was incredibly hot and humid but today is a complete change about 25 degrees cooler!

  7. Ha, it is a good feeling when you can finally pull those bangs back into your ponytail, I've done that cycle many times over!

  8. That coffee looks delicious! It looks like there was some coffee art on top, too. I don't think anywhere near me actually does that - I've only seen it in pictures!

  9. Seeing flowers around here lately is one of my favorite things too! I'm growing out my bangs as well. It's been a long, long time since I've been without them!


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