Sunday, May 17, 2015

The one with the things I liked this week (117)

 Spotted some cool vehicles, like this van

 And these colourful bikes

 Colourful flowers

 Homemade icecream :-)

 Participating in the annual popquiz marathon, we ended in 8th place (of 64 teams)

Seeing these pretty lamps at lunch with mom


  1. I love all the pretty, colourful pics and your ice cream cone illustration is fantastic! Congrats on coming in 8th :)

  2. Love the colors of the bikes and flowers. And those birdcage lamps are great!
    The popquiz marathon sounds like fun...I hope we'll hear more. Congrats on 8th place!

  3. Those cage lamps are adorable! And wow, did you draw the ice cream? It looks awesome!

  4. The popquiz thing sounds a lot like bar trivia we have over here! I love those! High five for coming in 8th.

  5. Love the cage lamps and those colorful bikes! Congrats on the 8th place win:)

  6. I love the colorful flowers and bikes. Looks like the weather's been beautiful where you're at, too :)

  7. All sorts of fun things! The colorful bikes are eye catching. I love the turquoise color. Congratulations on the quiz placement. Good job!

  8. those bird cage lamps are so pretty

  9. The ice cream cone is super cute! And 8 out of 64 is like 1st of 8, right? So congrats.

    1. Your comment made my day! I'll tell my teammates about the placement thing, i bet they would love your way of thinking :-)

  10. Those lampshades look really nice, was there a theme to the resturant or just nice lampshades? And cute ice cream :)

  11. The lamps! How about the homemade ice cream? Will it be up for a postcard? ;)


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