Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The one with links I like

Autumn's definitely here now! Time to search the internet for likeable things, and some of these are shared below. We already had temperatures below zero, and my winter coat is here to stay for the coming months. I'm at work now, and I ran out to the nearby supermarket for chocolat milk, I think I deserve a mug of hot cocoa later today :-)

Pretty collages 

I can never get enough of cat-videos!

or dance videos

Fig and almond butter smoothie

Pasta sauce and pasta shapes

How about a glitter clutch?

 Dutch words and their translations

Instagrams first-ever #throwbackthursday


  1. Thanks for these links:) I didn't even know they sell frozen figs. Gotta get in on that! And that first #TBT is just too cute...so simple. He didn't even think anything of it:)

  2. Aww, I love the Throwback Thursday story. I like online trends when they just happen organically and aren't because someone was trying to be cool.

  3. Omg, the cat maze!!! That's too cute :)
    Personally I like Fusilli, because this shape soaks up enough sauce! Great fungi photo!

  4. The cat mazes/boxes is such a great idea. That would keeps cats entertained for hours (or until their next nap)! A fig an almond butter smoothie sounds really delicious. The glitter clutch is so much fun!

  5. Our temperatures have been all over the place! A week ago it was in the 50s...but last weekend it was in the upper 80s! Not that I'm complaining...I'm not ready to break out the winter coat yet. Though hot chocolate does sound good :)

  6. That smoothie looks delicious! Stay warm, sweetie. xoxo

  7. Oooh, that smoothie sounds great! And the recipe has beautiful pictures.

  8. Hot chocolate, yes a must for Autumn days. :-)

  9. Enjoy the autumn days.. even thought is meant brrrrrrr and a lot of layered clothes. As for us, it's always summer in my dearest country. I never got to experience fall and autumn in my lifetime yet.


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