Sunday, October 25, 2015

The one with the things I liked this week (140)

I spotted these shoes over two months ago on Instagram, and I finally managed to get myself a pair of these shiny sneakers!

 Seen on a walk to the mailbox

Christmas is getting closer, the first sign of it

Since a while we are selling Tony's Chocolonely in the brick and mortar shop. It's a Dutch brand that uses slave-free cocao beans in their bars. The are well known for their not so usual flavours (a limited edition's out now with popcorn and discodip). Every once in a while I need to check what it is I am selling, right? This one is with orange and rosemary. 
Talking business, I started another Instagram account, where I show what I do on weekdays, during the day. My other account (which consists of lots of doors and windows, quirky things I see on the streets that made me smile, and the occasional vintage car is here). 

Enjoy your sunday!


  1. Great shiny sneakers! Orange and rosemary chocolate sounds unique and so delicious!

  2. Love your sneakers Very cool. Would love to try your chocolate Here you hardly notice christmas as people go to the beach. Very weird

  3. I love those shoes.. sooo shiny! ;) Happy moments. I would not have thought of putting rosemary in chocolate but usually the oddest combinations can be the best ones. :)

  4. I can't believe Christmas stuff is all around here now too! Like, whu? Halloween is not even over yet!

    PS Those shoes are killerz!

  5. Taste-testing your own products sounds like a fun (and yummy) job :)
    Love the gold sneakers!

  6. hello! it's been too long since I dropped in on you...
    those sneakers are just...WOW. very snazzy.
    And I'm a bit of a chocolate freak, but I like mine straight up. :)

  7. Eee! Love the sneakers! That chocolate sounds like a great brand.

  8. What fun shoes! And that chocolate look so good! Sounds like a great company too.


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