Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The one with links I like

This soup please 

DIY stamp ideas

Chinese delivery vehicles

This scarf 

The insides of Picasso, Dali and van Gogh

Science says play matters
The de-stressing effects of coloring 

Talking about coloring, Natasha has made a sugar skull coloring book.
you can find a free printable over here, and she also offers them in her
Etsy shop.


  1. I'd love a bowl of that soup right about now. It looks SO good. Happy Tuesday, love. xo

  2. That sound looks like one I would love! The Chinese delivery vehicles are amazing. Such a different culture. I need to buy some adult coloring books. I remember coloring with friends in our teen years. We laughed at ourselves because we felt too old to do so but loved it!

  3. The cat card is adorable :)
    Natasha did an amazing job! I haven't coloured in ages...

  4. Thank you for including me in your links!! You must be why my coloring book page has had more views this past day. =)

  5. I love that scarf! And Natasha's sugar skulls are so unique and fun. :)

  6. I completely agree about the relaxing benefits of coloring. My friend works a high-stress job and she keeps coloring books and pencils in her desk. :-)

  7. Oh my gosh! Those Chinese delivery vehicles! How do they balance everything?!?!? And love the "insides" of the artists:) Cool links, Marieken! TY for sharing as usual.


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