Thursday, December 12, 2013

The one with the bridge

I posted a photograph last friday in my weekly things I liked post of the new bridge in my hometown Nijmegen. More photos (the first one is the view from the bridge) were made and I thought I might dedicate a whole post to it. Some facts about the bridge:

  • the name of the bridge is 'de oversteek' (the crossing), in honour of the crossing of the river Waal, which was part of operation Market Garden, during World War II.
  • the number of lightposts is 48, the same number of soldiers who died during the crossing
  • in honour of them, these lightposts switch on in pairs, at the speed of a slow march
  • It took 2100 people, from 22 countries, to built the bridge
  • the costs were 260 million euro's
  • building the bridge took around 2,5 years
  • it's total length is 1400 metres
  • the openings ceremony, in less than a minute


  1. Whoa! Talk about a lot of money, but it's worth it though coz that's an awesome-looking bridge.:)

  2. The bridge is incredible! I watched the video on your mom's blog
    and I think it is just amazing. You live in a great town, Marieken :)


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