Thursday, March 7, 2013

The one with sad lemon cake

On my last trip to the library, my eye was caught by a book named 'the particular sadness of lemon cake'. My reading choices are mostly based on the cover and the title. More often than not, these weren't the best choices (I know, you shouldn't judge...). But this one sounded promising, words describing the book on the back are: 'beautiful writing', 'extraordinary' and 'oddly beautiful'.
Before taking books home with me, I read the first page at the library, and there was baking of cake on this books' first page. So, this was a book that was going home with me. The book is about Rose, a nine year old who has a special gift. She can taste the emotions of the maker of the food she eats. I just started (I'm at page 70), and I want to know more. What are you currently reading? Reading tips are very welcome.

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  1. I saw that book at Barnes & Noble! I picked it up and read the back too! But instead of buying it, I walked over to Starbucks and ordered a slice of lemon pound cake. Oops! :P

    1. If we had a Starbucks anywhere near the library, I would have done the same. I like to read, but I think it's better to eat cake, than to read about it.

  2. I love Aimee Bender! If you like this one, you should definitely check out her short stories!


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