Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The one with the flowers

I am not a rainbow and unicorn kind of girl, I like my clothes dark and studded, with a little bit of leather every now and then. My music of choice in winter is mostly Damien Rice and the Perishers. But when the sun starts shining and the days are getting longer, things change. I love the first day when you notice your winter coat is too warm. I like the singing of birds in the morning (though I am afraid of them) and I recently added some colour to my wardrobe. Small things like green leaves on trees and flowers in bloom make me happy. My sunglasses are ready for when I need them and I am looking forward to wearing ballet flats and eating icecream again. Here's a collection of colourful and floral things I found on Etsy.

Floral crown
Fox and flowers
Flower brooch
Collage en rose
Handdrawn notebook
Lapel pin
Liberty of London fabric
Vintage clutch


  1. This post is magical! This is my first spring up north so I'm eagerly awaiting all of these subtle changes & moments. :)

  2. Great flowery finds! I'm so ready for Spring and all the great colors it brings!

  3. I'm ready for spring, too. We just got more snow yesterday, so now the landscape is colorless again (though I do think snow is pretty).

  4. You're afraid of birds? That's interesting! Taking steps towards colors is great, I believe a change of view is bound to come as well!


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