Thursday, November 6, 2014

The one with good coffee

If you happen to find yourself in my hometown Nijmegen, and in need of a great tasting cup of coffee, I would definitely suggest grabbing a cuppa at Coffyn. First of all, this is in no way a sponsored post. This is just a place I love going to. 

The space is amazing (housed in a former museum, in a quiet area in the middle of the city centre) and the coffee is home roasted, fair trade and you can choose between different sorts of beans. When you order a café latte, you get a glass with hot milk and a small jug with coffee, so you can decide how strong you want your hot beverage (I am hearing this in Sheldon Coopers' voice...) to be. And the little bowl of coffee bean shaped chocolates is a very pleasant bonus. 

Try snatching up a table next to the large windows, I love the view on the river Waal! Or near the fireplace. There are lots of magazines to borrow, if you fancy a read.

There is an artsy looking tree-thing, with branches adorned with vintage coffee cups, how cool's that?

With my coffee, I ordered a big piece of super yummy apple pie, and mum got this sandwich with mozzarella, dried tomatoes and pesto.  

Also, at Coffyn people with or without a disability work together, which makes it a unique concept. When you finished your coffee, you can pay at the cash register, situated in a small store, where I always snag up some yummy treats to take home.

You can find Coffyn in Nijmegen, at Franseplaats 1. More info on their website over here (only in Dutch).


  1. Looks like a fun and relaxing place to stop and recharge!

  2. What a beautifully relaxing place and I'd love to have a cup of coffee there right now. Kisses, sweetie.

  3. This look like a wonderful place for a cup of delicious coffee. I love the cup decor. Very unique! Your mum's sandwich looks amazing.

  4. A former museum...It must be an excellent place to enjoy a nice cup of coffee in beautiful surroundings!

  5. Looks stunning. I bet it smelled amazing.

    1. I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee :-)

  6. I love my coffee in the morning! Also, I must admit then European fresh coffee is the best. Here in US I'm never order coffee in restaurants... it only in Miami - cuban coffee is just die for! Love your post! Very sentimental!

  7. Good coffee is very very important indeed!
    Love the photos :)

    Lu |

  8. Hi Marieken Ik heb het op mijn lijst staan. het is zeker aan de waalkade. ik zoek het wel op. Dat broodje mozzerella ziet er fantastisch uit en het lijkt me daar erg gezellig. Can;t wait

  9. It looks like a great little spot. Pie sounds great but that sandwich looks amazing! I think I would have swiped it off mom's plate! I always like to write about places and things I love too. When they aren't sponsored I believe they are more genuine. When I see something good, or go to someplace good, I like to spread the word!

  10. The place looks so modern and clean! Doesn't even look like a coffee shop but like someone's kitchen.

  11. I'm not a coffee drinker but sure enough, I would love this place because of the interior design and details. I love the idea of the coffee cups attached. The presence of wood elements, the basic colors of brown,black and white also mesmerize me. Now, if only a European don't cost a fortune from myself, I would definitely spend a month traveling my dream European countries.


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