Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The one with the bags

For a while now, I have been lusting after some clutches on Etsy. Here's a selection of my favourites. 

Metallic linen mini clutch by Marketa New York Shop
Waxed triangle pouch by Bookhou at Home
Leopard Suede / Ostrich Print Foldover by On Another Level
Waxed canvas by Joyner Avenue
Neon orange lace by Pirifoolery
Hand dyed by Gift Shop Brooklyn

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The one with more love

Since last june the words Meer Liefde (Dutch for 'More Love') started showing up all over town. The only place that didn't receive the More Love treatment, was the white wall just outside our garden (which functions as a storage place). Since june tulips, neon men, Waldo, and hearts appeared here. But no love. When I went to work this morning, I noticed that someone finally showed the wall some love. 

Meer Liefde / More love
Home-pimped chocolate with ginger, nuts, cookies and cranberries
From today's paper: Bye bye Bea. Yesterday the queen announced her abdication

Monday, January 28, 2013

The one with the full moon

There was a beautiful full moon last night. Some people believe that these are the nights that doing black magic is most effective. I don't know if someone was working their black magic on me or the idea that there could be werewolves running outside my house, but I had big trouble getting to sleep. So I climbed out of my warm bed, moved over to the couch and watched some episodes of CSI NY. I also made a new (moon-inspired) playlist on my iPod and I took some photographs of the moon. With just 3 hours of sleep, I'm sure I will sleep like a baby this night.

My newest playlist:
The tide pulls from the moon - William Fitzsimmons
Moon - Sia
Man on the moon - Kid Cudi
My moon my man - Feist
Talking to the moon - Bruno Mars
In the moonlight - Tracy Bonham
Half moon - Iron & Wine
Full moon - the Black Ghosts
Black moon - Deftones
Moon and moon - Bat for Lashes
Edge of the moon - Xavier Rudd

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The one with the trip to Amsterdam

Some of Amsterdam's famous canal houses
Even though I planned on staying inside this whole weekend because of the cold, I forced myself to leave my cozy, warm home and step into the cold for a little trip. Mom tagged along and our destination was Amsterdam. I don't know if this sounds shallow, but one of the highlights of this day was meeting a CĂ©line Boston bag in person for the first time. After this rendezvous I know I need one of those in my life. Maybe I should start making an early wishlist for christmas, so Santa can start saving up. First stop of the day was the Museum of Photography.

Making photographs isn't allowed at the Museum of Photography
Obviously, I didn't obey this rule
Around the corner of the museum we met these two breadmen

Second stop was the Museum of Bags and Purses. Nice surpise was seeing the purple sister of my Vlieger & Vandam bag. I really liked the exhibition that included bags in odd shapes, like a hot water bottle, an eggplant, a car, a shoe and a soda can.

I need these Prada Flame shoes
Beautiful stained glass ceiling at he Museum of Bags and Purses

More information about the museums visited:

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The first one

My granny's old typewriter now functions as a nice piece of home decor
Here it is: my first blog. The temperature is still too low to go outside for other things than the absolutely necessary ones, so this is the perfect time to start sharing the things that I like. This weekend I am staying inside with cups of tea and a cupboard filled with my favourite cookies and trying to figure this whole blog-thing out.