Monday, June 26, 2017

The one with some likeable links

Elle Fanning´s fan fantasy

Thirty years of Graffiti (my hometown, on Bored Panda!)

Soviet bus stops

Churlie Puth turns Bon Appetit in this charming song

Some conversation starters that may come in handy

No bake strawberry tart

This bee brooch

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The one with the things I liked about may

June is already a week old, but I wanted to share some pictures of things I liked in may.

Walking to a friday dinner

Having pancakes for dinner at my favourite pancake-place. I love that one of the walls is covered with old baking tins. 

Enjoying a sunday stroll
Even though summer has yet to begin, we already went Christmas shopping for items for our brick and mortar store 

A surprise guest in our shop 

Seen on a saturday 

Although it's windy, rainy and cold, we had some nice warm days! 

Seen on an afterwork walk 

Been to the ballet with my mom, and we saw this on our way back