Monday, June 26, 2017

The one with some likeable links

Elle Fanning´s fan fantasy

Thirty years of Graffiti (my hometown, on Bored Panda!)

Soviet bus stops

Churlie Puth turns Bon Appetit in this charming song

Some conversation starters that may come in handy

No bake strawberry tart

This bee brooch


  1. Hahaha...that Elle Fanning vid! I can't even! She looks like one of those peeps who are really fun to hang out with:D

    1. Just wanna drop by and say hiya:) Hope you're having a great summer so far, Marieken!

  2. Love the bee brooch especially because my opa was a beekeeper and they called me maja de bee when I was young lol.
    Nice to see doornroosje. I never went there myself but some of my family went there. The fanning vid is funny

  3. Oh wow! 30 years of graffiti looks really cool!

  4. Nijmegen on Bored Panda! Cool :) I would love a piece of that strawberry chocolate tart!

  5. Wow! Those layers of paint on the graffiti are incredible!

  6. The thirty years of graffiti link is amazing! So cool.

  7. haha Elle Fanning is so adorable.
    Loving the bee broach.
    Yum tart!

  8. So great to hear from you, Marieken:) And OMG! Those Butterbeers! I had three of those:D Soooo a butterscotch drink. I had the frozen and cold version and if you get the chance, get the frozen version for sure.


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