Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The one with links I like

Chocolate art    

What happened after the Dexter finale, according to Batista  

73 questions with Anna Wintour

Love this performance by Sia

More awesome choreography over here

How to make a faux cross stitch rose sweatshirt

 This is not a pen

If you're an eggplant fan like I am, you might want to make these too!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The one with the things I liked this week (86)

 I came across this gorgeous looking wall

Food for thought

As you might know, I'm such a sucker for beautiful doors and details

I went for pancakes with my friends L & Y, one of the walls of the 
pancake house was decorated with vintage baking tins and cookie cutters

Snatching up this extra large rosary at the thriftstore

My friend L treated the windows of our brick and mortar shop to
a pacman drawing

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The one with Operation Market Garden

Seventy years ago last weekend, Operation Market Garden took place, fought in the Netherlands and Germany. It was an unsuccesful military operation during the Second World War, and at the time it was the largest airborne operation. In case you are interested, more info can be found here. Around 30 clubs, museums and other parties joined forces to commemorate Operation Market Garden, during multiple events. One of the events was a tour consisting of historic military vehicles, one of their stops was in my hometown Nijmegen. Me and my camera went to see them, and we came home with over 100 photo's. Don't be afraid, I've made a selection.



 These lovely ladies were kind enough to strike a pose.

This was a specially crowded part of the tour, apparantly something good under the hood.
Lots of men gathered around this engine. 


How awesome are these guys?  

Not just cars, other vehicles joined as well


Monday, September 22, 2014

The one with the mini vases DIY

A while ago Eva from DaWanda asked me if I would like to make tutorials for the Dutch DaWanda blog. No need to think about it, ofcourse! My first tutorial is up since last week. It's in Dutch and you can find it here. Don't speak Dutch? No prob! Here you'll have the translated version.

What you'll need:
  • small flowers
  • tubes (mine used to hold tiny beads)
  • copper wire (you'll need 60 centimeters for each tube)
  • transparant, quick drying glue

What you'll need to to: remove the tops from the tubes, you will not need to use these.

Decide where the middle of the wire is and hold it with your thumb against the tube, about two third up from the bottom.

Wrap the left half of the wire around the tube five times, and do the same for the right half. 

Gather the halves at the back 

Wrap the halves around eachother, until there's about 6 centimeters left. 

Use another tube to form a hook

Secure the wire with a drop of glue

Fill the tubes with water and the flowers, and you're done!

Have you been getting crafty lately? Please feel free to share your link in the comments below.

Friday, September 19, 2014

The one with the things I liked this week (85)

Some random photo's taken last week

Flower shopping

Receiving an envelop filled with a banana eating bunny, and buttons from Eefje

Receiving an order from Ikea, a big box filled with large picture frames, 
shelves and lots of blankets. I'm (almost) prepared for the colder months

Another blanket, a gift from my friend Lieke (who recently started blogging too).
She made this one herself (awesome!), and she even has these cute personalised labels

These caught my eye on my sunday walk

How has your week been? Any fun plans for the weekend? Tonight I will have dinner over at my aunts'. All I need to do is show up, and eat. Two skills I've mastered pretty well over the years. Tomorrow a visit to granny, and on sunday I hope to get some crafting (and maybe some housekeeping) done. Hope you'll have a good one, see you next week!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The one with awesome Etsy finds

Seriously, how awesome is that Freddy doll? Ever since I spotted this guy, I can't seem to be getting bicycle race out of my head. Have you spotted (or maybe even treated yourself to) some online goodies?

Monday, September 15, 2014

The one with the Big Draw

The Big Draw is a festival that originated in England. It's an annual event, that takes place in october. If you're interested, more info can be found over here. For the first time, my hometown Nijmegen hosted a Big Draw last week. The festival will also take place in Australia and the United States. I can highly recommend you to go and see the works of art, if you have the opportunity to go. I had fun walking around town and discovering all of these creations. Beware, this post is picture heavy!


This window is one of the windows of my friend Eefje's shop 'atelier Luna'. I really, really like the design of the drawing that was painted on her window.  

You might have spotted these bunnies before on this blog, there were actually some of them on the blog last friday. Discovering new ones always bring a smile to my face. The second picture is a bunny on one of the windows of the department store opposite of my home. The bunny is about to stuff its face with a 'rookworst', a treat this department store is famous for. 

Not only professional artist were part of the big draw, everybody was invited to join in on the fun. Kids hung drawings in trees with colourful ribbons, and a street had a very, very long piece of paper in it, with crayons and pencils to create piece of art. 


Once about every two weeks I treat myself to French fries, and my go to address had this guy made of fries rowing a Venetian gondola on its window. If you ever get a chance to visit Nijmegen, and want a tasty snack. This place has the best fries in town, and if you feel very hungry, order some mozzarella sticks as well!

Details on some of the shop windows. Up until today I've never heard of a diddley bow, but I've learned it's a single stringed instrument, moslty used in blues music. 

Some random shots


Lots of animals, how about that owl?



Not quite sure if these were part of the big draw, but I think they are awesome, and they fit this post perfectly.