Friday, October 24, 2014

The one with the things I liked this week (90)

 New supplies for a crafty date tomorrow

A happy mailbox

 Seen from my balcony

This may not be the prettiest of pictures, but this sure was something I liked. I treated myself to a machine to give rounded corners to cards and notebooks. I was already able to make 'em for postcards, but I had to make them one it a time. Now I can do a whole stack of them at once! Woot woot.

Not my favourite season, but fall can be pretty pretty too!


  1. Gosh! That's the view from your balcony? I'd never leave the house if that's my view! :D

  2. Wonderful skyscape photo and lucky you got to see it from your balcony!
    Of course I love the ribbons! Have fun at your crafty date :)

  3. The view from your balcony is awesome! That new tool of yours must be so fun to use. Fall is actually my favorite season but I don't care for the cold one that follows!

  4. What a great view!
    Ooooooo....I'd love to hear more about that corner rounder!!! Please email me with details!

  5. What a great week and I love those ribbons! You are going to love your new machine! We had one when we had the family printing business and I had so much fun rounding all the corners. I always tried to talk people into them on everything from business cards to raffle tickets. I just think the rounded corners look so cool! And it was fun to play with the machine.

    1. I don't know what it is, but I love rounding things! I think I may have found a new addicition...

  6. I only experience two seasons in my entire lifetime. It may not be your favorite but I would love to experience fall. The machine is interesting. I would like to see how it works.

    Have a great day Marieken!


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