Thursday, March 19, 2015

The one with links I like

Famous artists in their studios

These guys 

The future of architecture

More architecture: an urban treehouse, protecting its residents from air and noise polution 

This film involving a glacier

Teens watching 90's music videos

DIY paper pompoms

This soap dish

I will be making this salad, this weekend


  1. Ooooo...thanks for that boredpanda link! And let us know how that red cabbage salad turns out:)

  2. Haha...90s music videos. How I miss the days of MTV :)

  3. I'm in love with the artists in their studios. Fantastic photos! I love those guys comparing the songs. I felt that lawsuit was ridiculous. It sounds like the family may be going after Pharrell again with another song. It should be flattering that he was so heavily influenced by Gaye. The urban tree house is amazing!

  4. Love the treehouse image! So cool.
    The DIY paper pompoms look fun to make too.

  5. As usual, I clicked on the art and architecture links and, as usual, I loved them!

  6. I love that 4 Chord Song! I remember seeing that video a few years ago and being amazed how many songs they covered!

  7. luuuv the treehouse Wouldn't expect that in Italy.
    Amazing photos of the glacier We see here the same with the glaciers They melt faster than ever before
    Like the pompoms Have mad heaps of them when my parents were married 25 years

  8. I wonder what it is like to live in that urban tree house! Looks amazing!
    The ceramic dish is too cute and I love the pompoms :)
    Hope you're having a sunnier weekend than us ;-)


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