Monday, April 9, 2018

The one with the things I liked in march

Sharing some of the things I've seen, did and / or liked in the month of march. These were already posted on Instagram. I really wanted to pick out some 'new' not already shared pictures, but these were already edited, and I am still in winter/lazy/couch potato-mode....

Doors seen in Arnhem 

 Trying out the new-ish Donut place with Mandy

A #sundaycarpic 

Seeing I Tonya, as a former figure skater I loved this one! 

Gorgeous stamps received through Postcrossing 

Wish I could have taken them all! How awesome is the lamp on the left?

Throwing a cheeseparty. My favourite was one named the 'stinky bishop' 

Celebrating Nike Air Max day by wearing my favourites Nikes


  1. I like your quirky way of noticing interesting tidbits! And I didn't know you were a skater--that's what I have planned for my next life!

  2. The "stinky" cheeses usually taste the best :) You did figure skating? Wow!

  3. I don't go to IG anymore so thanks for sharing them here, Marieken:) I always love your door and car pics, and yay for the "stinky bishop"...hehe

  4. Those are pretty stamps! Was that a pistachio donut?

  5. je hebt altijd van die mooie deur foto's!!! Bij mij lukt het nooit. Maar mm heb wel weer zin in zo'n donut!!!

  6. You have a great eye for capturing the beauty in things and moments! I haven't seen I Tonya yet. You were a figure skater? Thats so cool :D


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