Saturday, January 3, 2015

The one with the things I liked this week (100)(!)

Happy New Year! Hope you all had a wonderful time, spent with your loved ones. New Years' eve mostly is not my cup of tea. The last day of the year always give me a bit of a feeling of melancholy and I always feel like I should have accomplished more in the year that has ended. But for some reason, the blues stayed away this year and I had a great evening/night this time around: good company, laughter, delicious food, playing games, and watching lots of pretty fireworks. Usually I don't really make a list of goals, but I did make a bit of a list of things this year that I would like to do more, or do less:

  • more museum visits
  • be more spontaneous
  • eat more fruits and vegs
  • eat less chocolate
  • spend more time outdoors
  • taking more walks and bikerides
  • taking up Spanish lessons again
  • seeing glasses as being more half full, than half empty
  • try more new things, even if I think the chance of me failing at it are big
  • read more books
  • try out more new recipes (I'm in a bit of a culinary rut lately)

Do you make a list of goals? Would you like to share them in the comments below? I also snapped some pictures this week of things I liked.

Blue skies

Spontaneous brunch and a museum visit (more on that next week) with R.

What's a 'the one with the things I liked this week'-post without a good looking door?

Or a number?

I've been eyeing this necklace for a while, it was on sale now :-)

As was this scarf. Is there such a thing as too many scarves?

Getting creative


  1. No such thing as too many scarves:D And I love your list, Marieken. Here's to accomplishing our goals for 2015!

  2. The tree photo is gorgeous, and of course, I love the red door photo!
    I usually have a couple of things planned for the new year, but it doesn't include eating less chocolate ;-)

    1. The red door looks so festive, I've never noticed it before, although I've walked through that street many times.

  3. The necklace looks stunning! No, you can never have too many scarves. :) Great list of goals. They are very obtainable. I don't really make a list of goals either but rather set little goals throughout the year and accomplish them. I seem to have less of a failure rate that way. I wish you the best in 2015!

  4. I think most of us could benefit from following your list of goals (except that thing about less chocolate--I can't sign off on that one!) I hope 2015 lives up to your best expectations for it, Marieken!

    1. Already fell of the wagon, had a big piece of chocolate. I believe there must be goals that aren't going to work out. Just so you have goals to set for the next year :-)

  5. Everything is so nice, lovely photos. :)

  6. I love your new directions for new year and I see a few I should be doing myself. I'm happy that you had a great time to celebrate a New Year and my best wishes for you! May your 2015 be filled with magic, joy, and great memories!!!!

  7. Happy New Year! That necklace is lovely, I hope you bought it!

    Eating less chocolate will probably be a good goal, even though chocolate is the best. :-) I should probably cut down on mine, too, hahaha. And I like your goal to visit more museums! I have something similar on my list, which I posted today:

  8. Spontaneous things are the best! Cool shots :)

    Lu |

  9. that necklace is gorgeous..
    i don't think i could ever do less chocolate..

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