Saturday, August 23, 2014

The one with the things I liked this week (81)

Just some random photo's from last week. Although it had been super busy at work, I still managed to see some likeable things.

 Imagine having a real icecream this big!

 Snacking on some cherries

 Seen on an evening walk


A rainbow that was much better looking in person

Must be fun having a colourful bike like this one!


  1. Your pictures are stunning! You definitely have a talent!

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  2. That yellow bike is just super cute!

  3. Great finds! I love the super huge ice cream cone. The rainbow must have been beautiful. The camera never seems to pick up nature's beauty as we see it. :)

    1. A good reason to step outside and see for ourselves what Mother Nature has to offer :-)

  4. Love the wall with windows and the rainbow! Of course I love the yellow bike :)

  5. Lovely pictures. Cherries look delicious. I bought a handful of these little clogs at Blokker in Nijmegen when I was last in Holland

  6. Love the yellow bike and cherries are a must right now:) So yummy! Kisses, darling.

  7. The red wall with the white windows!!!! Cherries unfortunately don't grown in my country. Hence, it's really very expensive here.


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